Procedural Planet Generation

Here is the result after assigning textures using the vertex colors as the mask.

Hey do you plan on making this available via the Marketplace or Github?

This is looking great! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

If it gets good enough, I will consider the marketplace :wink: . I am leaning more to github and will make it available on there soon.

Here is a new demo: - Google Drive

Oh, how did I miss this thread before :smiley: ?? Anyways, this “error” is now corrected. :slight_smile:

Got another update!


  • more performance
  • multiple planets
  • easy planet creation
  • easy nose manipulation
  • easy lod manipulation
  • easy base mesh resolution edits

Demo coming real soon! Just got a bit of texture work to do.

That is beautiful!

I love this already! :slight_smile: I believe this is gonna be great asset

This is really awesome work!

I’m planning to release this procedural planet project either today or tomorrow. There’s one final issue I need to get around before I do. I need to find a way to reduce the compute cost of calculating displacement because right now it’s pretty heavy as I’m checking every vertex against every displacement point. I’m trying to choose between delegating the displace task to a background thread or just make the operation more efficient by reducing the number of checks needed.

Hey. This is some awesome work. I am using the procedural mesh component in my current to create a landscape system allowing changes (height, vertex color) at runtime. I am mapping heights on a flat map but wanted to have look into projecting the landscape onto a sphere at some point. I will keep an eye on this. Keep it up.

So here is my take on this. I would try to reduce the amount of checks and multi threading the displacement process.

You were on point HeadClot :wink:
Worked like a charm!

You guys checked out my roadmap?
here it is: Trello

Playing around with object spawns on the planet surface. I got a lot to improve as the objects just pop in and pop out on tile approach. I plan to introduce a fading shader on the items.

…and this :smiley:

Cool progress here! :slight_smile:

I’ve improved the way objects are spawned on the surface. I’ve also tweaked the object LODs as you can see. The project is generally going in the direction I’m expecting so it’s all good. :smiley:
Planet size is around 12km in diameter.

Good old space shot:

This is going right ways! Exciting :slight_smile: