Procedural PBR runtime texture blending system - WIP

I’m currently working on a highly interesting and promising project, that I’d love to share here on the forums.

The goal of this project is to create a UE4 blueprint system and a set of textures that can apply damage to the tex’ in runtime, depending on a set of environment sliders such as heat, humidity and radioactive radiation.
The target is to create an environment that combines that quality of handmade maps, with the versatility of procedural parameter based damage over time.

To do this I’ve been working on a system that manages environmental factors as editable parameters.
With the usage of a couple of sliders in a simple UI the user will be able to adapt the type of weathering and damage to the scene.

In the future of this project I hope to be able to implement a system that would allow for the user to implement his own maps and materials aswell as a prebuilt selection.
The materials I will mainly be focusing on are Ceramic tiles, wood, metal, concrete and a selection of painted surfaces.
As for the final showcase environment, I was thinking about creating a corridor in an asylum, seeing as how it would provide interesting materials, mood and lighting options.

In the meanwhile I’ll be posting my WIP shots/vids here, any and all feedback is welcome!

[I’ve also posted this project in the blueprint section of the forums, wasn’t sure where to post it]

Here’s a quick update on the project, currently testing out texture masks based on bitmap creases.

Seems to work quite well fading in over time.

Another update, this time with some more practical texture blending.

I’m also working on a complete scene to showcase this in, I’ll be posting some WIP shots soon.

Another WIP, got a TON of stuff done, still loads to do.

The most recent WIP, getting some nice results with the modification of exponential height fog and post processing volumes.

I’d be glad to hear any feedback while I continue to work on this project!

This looks awesome! What are you gonna use it for or is it just a study? Imagine it being put into a game where the more you kill the bleaker the world looks or the more depressed you are in game the dark and dirtier it is.

That sounds like a pretty cool idea!
Given that everything is basically a nest of blueprints, it probably wouldnt be all that hard to implement either.

The project in itself is just meant as a study, I’m still a student and this is a project I’m working on as part of my graduation work.
The course gives us the freedom to work on a large scale project involving some research, while being mentored, it’s pretty awesome.
I’m also glad that I chose this project, considering how its going so far.

This is a really fascinating idea, please do keep letting us know how it progresses.


Quick update, working on tiles that fall from the ceiling, animations for both lift doors, and more physics props in the scene!

Here’s another update, lot of dynamic props (too many y/n?) , got the basetex for the ceiling done too.
Next up, making the roof material dynamic, swapping blockout materials on props for legit ones, more polishing!

Update on the ICE!

I’ve completed and implemented the ice material and blending, here’s a few shots of what it looks like.
Unfortunately my desktop motherboard died and my laptop doesn’t record it well, so it’s just stills for now.

I’d be glad to hear your feedback!