Procedural Park

Hi everyone,

The Procedural Park is now available in the Marketplace! You can get it HERE](


Showcase Level Walk-thru

The Procedural Park allows you to create a fully customizable park by using any asset of your choosing

Main Features:

  • Easily customize all meshes and BPs used in the park
  • Specify the size of the park and the number of entrances
  • Customize the paths created - including path style (how curvy they are) and whether they carve the terrain or align to it
  • Customize how many Central Actors appear and change their positions to your liking
  • Customize path props that appear - you have fixed props (appear at a certain distance) and random path props (random appearance along each path).
  • Spawn random area props that can spawn in a random location in the park, or near a random path or random central actor. You can also create a path to these props
  • Spawn grass and flowers easily
  • Spawn different types of foliage with percent chance to spawn to get the look you want
  • Spawn additional props like rocks, butterflies, etc to give your park the final touches
  • Spawn a wind actor and birds to complete the park creation
  • Convert all foliage and mesh props to Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes for best performance
  • Park can use a standard landscape or a custom “floor” mesh to spawn depending on your needs
  • Park can use landscape layers to remove foliage from paths and props
  • Park supports water bodies like rivers and lakes!


  • River tool - quickly carve rivers into your landscape!
  • Fence Tool - create a simple spline-based fence
  • Water Walk-way - Spline-based water walkway

Props Included:

  • 3 fountain models with water particle effects
  • Physics-based Swing Set
  • Physics-based See-Saw
  • Physics-based Merry-Go-Round
  • Fully functional bathroom BP with bathrooms for men and women
  • Physics-based flags
  • Gazebo
  • Picnic table
  • Park bench
  • Park light
  • Pathway and bridge meshes
  • Water Walk-way
  • Fence