Procedural NURBS Curves and Surfaces

Using geometry algorithm to evaluate Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline(NURBS) curves and surface. Including knot insertion, removal,refinement,… of curves and surfaces.You can easily call functions of NURBS in blueprints to visualize the curves and surfaces in a level. Specifically, the NURBS surfaces are visualized by using procedural mesh component.And all these curves and surfaces can be edit in real time. All algorithms of NURBS are referenced “The NURBS Book”. You can use these curves and surface in your papers or research.

**Technical Details: **
• NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines) algorithms from “The NURBS Book”.
• C++ object-oriented for all basic classes.
• Procedural NURBS curves and surfaces.
• Visualizes important features of NURBS.

This c++ blueprint now available in marketplace

Hello! I would like to know if your blueprint will suit my needs.
I’m creating a racing game similar to F-Zero and I want to use NURBS surfaces as the track collision geometry. I would like to know if your blueprint allows for collision detection, or at least someway to query the information from a point in the surface, such as position and normal direction.

So if I had a vehicle close to the NURBS surface I could query what point in the surface is closest to the vehicle and have the vehicle orient itself to the normal of that point and also position itself above that point. Are those things possible using your blueprint?
Thank you for your time!