Procedural Music Using Only Blueprints

Hello to all in the forums,

I am new to the blueprint show that is unreal 4 and I was wondering if there is at all a chance that I can get some help from you guys.

I am trying to create sound for the tower defence game sample from the launcher and i thought it would be a good idea to have the music of the game change when the evil minion guys progress through the level, thus making the music more intense as the minions get closer to the end. I know that it is possible with FMOD, however I want to try and replicate this by only using the blueprint editor in UE4. I’m sure this information would also be of use to anyone who is into the audio side of things in game creation and I would be so thankful if anyone can help me out :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys


Yep, I’m also looking after this, any advances or sources where to learn this?

Thanks, really useful article.

Maybe you can do music layers in the style Platinum games show (bayonetta and metal gear rising). In those games, the fight starts with only the base music, maybe some drums and background instruments. As the fight gets more intense, they add more layers to the music, adding the main melody or even lyrics, adding massive hype