Procedural Music Blueprint with 53 Sound Cues

Valkyrie Sound’s Procedural Music Blueprint, available on the Epic Marketpalce:


  • Procedural Music Blueprint which cycles through base layers and generates random melodies and instrumental effects from Sound Cues
  • Song Steps and Song Lights play notes in harmony with the background music
  • Notes Blueprint triggers audio when player steps on a pad, demonstrating simple audio behaviour / input control as in Mario games etc.
  • 46 WAV assets forming 53 Sound Cues made up of instrumental base layers, strings, piano, wind, and celeste
  • Blueprints are supported with clear comments
  • Planet Blueprints for four types of rotating planet with various daughter moons

For game use only in Unreal Engine 4. If you’d like to use these assets in any other capacity (e.g. video, trailer, music, another game engine, etc.) please contact Valkyrie Sound using the support email address or on social media.

As seen in the Valkyrie Sound Procedural Music tutorial: Adaptive Audio: Procedural Music - YouTube