Procedural Meshes or Custom Meshes

I recently began working on a project where I was in need of making a randomized landscape using a procedural mesh comp or a custom mesh comp, though I know very little about either one. Basically, I want to generate a large flat plane with many vertices than are displaced on the z-axis and x/y if necessary. Does anyone know how to go about this to achieve such a result? I appreciate any help I can get. :slight_smile:

For reference:
*The above video shows a method using a custom mesh, though doesn’t go into detail.

Hi man,
Here a really simple video that show the basis. just have to make a loop , to define a grid of vertex manually, and add to them a randomize little float.

What do you mean by a grid of vertex? I know the basics of how to generate a plane from it, it’s just that I thought of either the option of making a grid of several planes displaced through a perlin noise style method or something like subdividing a plane numerous times and displacing the verts in that manner.

My main problem is needing to be able to change the positions of vertices via line trace or likewise at runtime. I wish to do it in BP without a plugin, but it’s mostly a problem with displacement of said vertices.