Procedural Mesh Wiki is outdated!

The newest example is for Unreal 4.7 and the a lot of change since then.

This is totally different now, different nodes and no more of this triangles struct.

So this wiki is pretty much useless for who ever want to learn how to work with the current version of the procedural mesh.

Is anyone going to make a new wiki for it soon?

I guess they polish up the docimentation when procedural meshes are no longer “experimental”.
Things might still change too much for investing resources on the docu part yet…

Hey there!

The Unreal Engine Wiki consists of great community created and shared resources, while all of Epic’s official documentation can be founds in the Unreal Engine Documentation. Often times, a page will get out of date because the author hasn’t gone in and refreshed the content. We still use the Wiki from time to time to post tidbits of information, but we don’t actively go through and update pages authored by the community like we do our documentation.

We recognize that a lot of wiki info is a bit hidden (we don’t even have author listed on a page, what’s wrong with us?) but are actively working towards a large number of improvements to the Unreal Engine Wiki that allows for easier/better collaboration and contribution :slight_smile:

I’ll see what short term solutions we can find to allow developers to mark a page as “out of date”!

Thanks! Is there any way to get a simple official tutorial for the ProceduralMeshComponent?
Just like you have on other features on your documents and youtube channel.