Procedural Mesh update over RPC

Hi all, I want to use an RPC to update a procedural mesh on all the clients. The actor who owns the proc. mesh component is just placed in the main level scene, not spawned dynamically and is not from a child actor component. This actor’s BluePrint is set to replicate. This is for a non-competitive application and I’m not worried about cheats or misuse. To get this to work currently my data seems to need to flow like:
Client: user pulls trigger, call rpc to server with parameters.
Listen Server: receive rpc, now issue multi-cast rpc with same parameters to the Gamestate object (because all the clients have it)
Clients: receive rpc in gamestate object and now call update to the procedural mesh using the passed parameters.

According to the docs (RPCs | Unreal Engine Documentation)

I should be able to call directly to the actor who owns the procedural mesh without going through the gamestate object, but in my code it doesn’t work.

Any suggestions on why it fails to go through to the actor directly? It would be much cleaner to not have the gamestate as intermediary.