procedural mesh, to what extend does expiremental mean?

Currently I haven’t got access to the internet. So searching is mobile phonish.

Since I am getting pretty confident with the engine now, knowing more about the limitations and possibilities I,d like to know more about this procedural mesh.

  1. When is a planned release, if any?

  2. To what extend would it useful for a custom terrain?

  3. Is there documentation to be found about how to dive into the engine’s code (regarding this)?

  4. Are the possibilities to create something from within the source and then release this for an unmodified engine as a plug in?

Q 1 and 4 are really itchy btw


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  1. The ProceduralMeshComponent (PMC) I don’t think is really experimental anymore, but (and yes this is a bit of self promotion :slight_smile: ) the RuntimeMeshComponent (RMC) in my footer is pretty much an all around better version of it, and about to get even better.

  2. They can both be used for custom terrain, but doing large quantities of procedural meshes you’ll notice the performance problems I ran into with the PMC which is why I started the RMC.

  3. The PMC is actually a plugin that’s included in the engine, it’s in the Engine/Plugins/Runtime/ProceduralMeshComponent folder so it’s quite easy to alter it.

  4. Not quite sure what you mean by creating within the source and releasing for an unmodified engine. Are you talking about the PMC itself or making a tool that uses the PMC/RMC and releasing that as a plugin?

Hope that helped!