Procedural Mesh Slicing in Packaged Build

I missed the twitch stream so I didn’t get a chance to ask; is there a bug with procedural mesh slicing on packaged builds? I’ve been able to get it to slice just fine in the editor with physics enabled on each piece… however when it is packaged the physics doesn’t simulate. It still slices, it just won’t fall apart. I’ve tried quite a few things both in C++ and blueprints and it doesn’t work. Does anyone know what’s going on? Has anyone else been able to package a project with this new feature?

In case anyone is wondering, you need to use Copy Static Mesh to Procedural Mesh and you need to use it in constructor… cant be done during runtime or beginplay otherwise the physics doesnt seem to set up properly in packaged builds.

Hi, I had just had this same issue. Moving the proc mesh copy back into the construction script didn’t solve it. Instead I had to create a new actor and copy everything over, including the proc mesh copy in the construction script. Maybe it was related to me enabling “generate optimized blueprints”?