Procedural Mesh Simplifier

This plugin allows you to simplify mesh data from static meshes and procedural meshes and create LODs at Runtime.

It enables various features as boundary and UV preservation (experimental).

Simplification is done using QEM (Quadric Error Metrics).

DemoProject 1:

Download: Chair


  • Convert Static Meshes to Procedural Mesh LODs
  • Create Multiple LODs for Procedural Meshes
  • Boundary Preservation
  • UV Preservation (experimental)
  • Works both in editor and at runtime
  • Multi-threaded

Get it here:…er-lod-creator

Update 1.0.5 is Live!

  • Cancel all background work and executes **OnCancel **Branch in **DoSimplifyAdvanced **and **DoSimplifyBasic **automatically when game ends(PIE, Standalone, Packaged etc).