Procedural Mesh in Real Time

Hello everybody!

I’m trying to generate a grid, but I encountered the following problem: I cannot change it during the game.

Partially, I can fix this in two ways:

  1. I can delete the old mesh and add a new one at its coordinates. But the problem will obviously arise with performance, if by changing one height - I will have to regenerate the whole grid of 1000 heights (for example)
  2. RuntimeMeshComponent. As I understand it, this plugin provides many new features, unlike the standard ProceduralMeshComponent. But there was a problem: this is the obsolescence of this plugin. At the moment, it supports version 4.16 (I could be wrong).

Of course, I would like to take advantage of option 2, but for now, I simply cannot integrate it into version 4.21.
I saw a lot of projects with a procedural grid, which has this plugin. Does everyone use such an old version of the engine (relatively old)? If not, how can I get around the limit?