Procedural mesh generated inverted position?

Hi i got this procedural mes generated around my character but when i realized its inverted facing down instead of facing up, theres a way to correct it without loosing the shape? because if i rotate becomes incorrect shape (it shape reacts to enviroment obstacles) i verify the triangles and seems to be ok but i am very confused about why its inverted thans if you have any idea to help

This is the procedural mesh you can see it because i made the material two side but my intention is to use post process material who dont show nothing for the back plane thats my problem any ideas?

Hi, is the grey cube is the object you created? Can you post a screen of its broken state when you rotate it?

noup the cube, the triangle, and you see it because i used double side material whats wrong for what i am planing to do

Maybe try to invert your normals?

the problem is for me a newbie dont know very well whats is invert normals but i will search on internet for information about

Ok i solved this issue thanks MrMcKvarz for the hint … for others newbies like me this is the solution:

of course do you wants to see what kind of material i am using…