Procedural mesh draw calls?

Hi, so i have been testing with splines and as some of you may know, it can count to many draw calls up thousands

If i were to use ProceduralMesh, how many draw calls would that count to?


There would be the same amount - same number of triangles. With a spline it gives you independant LODs where a ProdeduralMesh would LOD the whole thing (or HLOD).

I’d use the spline, but generate ISM’s rather than just static meshes.


Mhh just tried to test a bit, i have a simple ProdeduralMesh generator, and using almost 50-100x times more triangles. The result is way better, spline can take up to 10-15 thousand drawcalls for that, where ProdeduralMesh takes less then a few? How can that be?

Also, if i were to use spline, how would i go about using ISM if i have to curve the mesh as well?

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How big is your procedural mesh? Surely it would depend on how many triangles in the spline mesh at each LOD with very low poly in the distance…

If the segment is curved, yeah it can’t be an ISM but it’s not hard to test the points and tangents (and a snap to straight can help too) to use ISM’s when you can (I’m thinking road spline)