Procedural mesh disappears when origin out of viewport/camera

I have a large procedural planet mesh. It is rendering fine in general however when I’m looking around, as soon as the component’s origin moves out of viewport the entire mesh disappears which is not desired behaviour as the planet is large in size therefore the player should ideally be able to look away or on a tangent without the surface disappearing.

Also this is happening irrespective of correct bounds calculation. As you can see in the reference screenshots, I’m calculating and updating the bounds to properly capture the entire planet.

I’m attaching screenshots for reference:

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Update: I was able to solve it.
Writing details of the bug and solution below.

Bug Description:
When I created large worlds, irrespective of my custom objects, single/multiple planets, even default UE5 objects like a cube mesh; everything disappears when not looking at world origin.

Suggested solutions: Even though these weren’t the case for me in particular, these are important steps for proper rendering.

  1. Object bounds: If you’re generating large procedural meshes; remember to call updatebounds at the end to make sure that your bounds are updating as the shape changes.
  2. Frustum culling: This happens when the camera is not looking at the object; no need to mess with this setting as it works as desired when the original bug is fixed


  1. Make sure you’re using world partition.
  2. Go to world-settings, look for “Enable Large World” and enable that setting.