Procedural mesh cube with 24 vertices?

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I have been playing with procedural mesh lately. I have managed to build some nice meshes, but then I wanted to know how to generate UVs (and general idea of UVs) to give my shapes some pretty material.

So I went to some simple example and used “Generate Box Mesh” to create a box with UV’s already generated. I was very confused to see that Generate Box Mesh function will generate 24 vertices (vertices.lenght == 24).
To make a simple cube I would use only 8, can someone please explain me why is 24 vertices best for a cube?

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In UE4, it doesn’t use smoothing groups, instead, the whole mesh is smoothed together so the only way to prevent polygons from smoothing together is to split them apart. Since a cube is made from 6 sides, and each side has 4 vertices, 4x6=24

Thanks for the great explanation.

Make a plane, or runtime editable terrain.

I’ve made a 100x100 grid with 2000 vertices that would increase or decrease in z based on mouse location, left mouse click.

I was trying to get a grid that was 1,000,000 ish vertices (I.e nice smooth terrain) but **** it had a terrible performance hit and generating UV’s were a nightmare. Although the normal skylight made its dodgy vector parameter green (grass) look rather pretty.