Procedural mesh component editable via mouse dragging

Hi all,

I hope this is not a clear repetition of other threads… If so, I am sorry: I was not able to find it anywhere.

I would like to generate “procedurally” and only using C++ code a cube on the scene, and be able to pick and drag any vertex of the cube. The mesh should rebuild into a “cuboid”, or something like that. I started by constructing a simple actor with a RootComponent of type UProceduralMeshComponent consisting of a simple triangle mesh, following this short tutorial Is this a fair choice?

My key question, in order to understand the cuboid case, is: how can I pick and drag, using the mouse, a vertex of the triangle mesh and move it around?

I was thinking about having 3 actors (with no meshes), each one corresponding to a vertex. They can be moved around the scene (I think) and I can constatly ask for their position and build the triangle mesh. This seems awful to me. Any better idea?