Procedural Mesh Collision Setup

Hey guys,

in the 4.13 release notes there was a note about the added feature of procedural mesh collision. I did set up a simple mesh (a cube) and gave it the same physics constraints as it would be a standard cube, though no collision is happening. I also tested it in 4.14 with no luck.

Is there some kind of a tutorial how to set up this collision? That’d be great!


I’m assuming you’re working in blueprints, have you checked the collision option in the create mesh section node?

Yes, I have checked this. No success either way.

Which type of collision are you trying to do? static objects or full physics where it can move around?

I want it to have full physics, like bouncing on the floor when being exposed to gravity.

Ok, So it sounds like you set the simple mesh (cube) already, so the first thing I didn’t see you mention so not sure if you set it was ProceduralMesh->bUseComplexAsSimpleCollision needs to be false. You can also find this in the details panel of the procedural mesh.

I will be making a much more complete set of docs for the RMC (link in my footer) here soon, and much of it will apply to the ProceduralMeshComponent as well.