Procedural Mesh BP Overlapping Actors

I’m generating a procedural mesh with blueprint utilizing EQS queries. Generating the mesh works just fine, but now I need to get overlapping actors intersecting with the mesh. This only works if antother actor walks into the generated mesh, but not if the actor containing the procedural mesh component walks into other actors. Also, if the mesh is generated into another actor already, I’m also not getting that actor as overlapping.

Here’s a screenshot of my blueprint, I’m trying to use GetOverlappingActors but, as I mentioned earlier, the array is always empty unless the other actors walks into it.

Any ways to get around that?
Only other question about that same topic I found was this:

But since this is C++ and I have a Blueprint setup (where I cannot set the flag bUseComplexAsSimpleCollision), it’s not really helpful.

Is there a way to force check collision detection or something like that?

Just Tick use complex as simple collision. Then you get you overlapping actors. Those result are something wrong. So you need to set the actor location +1 and tick „swipe“ on the node