Procedural Maps using pre-rendered art

I am planning to create a isometric style game, the levels will be randomly generated, not just the layout but I also want the buildings to be random. Now the problem is I know that this is possible and have been done using 3D meshes, but has any game generated a random building from a set of building assets, say walls, windows, roof and stuff.
I haven’t decided if the art will be illustrations (kind of pixel art), or 2D pre rendered (similar to class of clans), does this choice has any impact on the procedural generation of buildings? If not how difficult is it, what would be easier, creating a large number of pre rendered assets or generating them in game?

Please help me out.

Without knowing your skill level and skill set, no on can tell you how difficult this will be for you. However, you might take a look at some of the random generated dungeon projects available to see if that is something you could do.

Here is a system that you provide premade assets to, and it can randomly create a Dungeon. You can modify it to create whatever structure you need.

The art might matter, depending on how you break up your assets. But I don’t have enough experience to help you on it, so I hope someone else can help you on that question.

Well I have good knowledge of modeling tools, still learning UE though, apart from the difficulty level, what I really want to know is that if 2D assets can be used in a similar fashion to randomize exteriors of buildings.
I am looking at different algorithms for the implementation, but I would like to know the specifics of the task in UE. Which one would be easier to get my head around, 3d Procedural or 2D procedural.

Thank you