Procedural map generation using bit strings (Blueprint only)

Hi Guys,

I like messing around with procedural generation especially using modular elements. I started developing a tool to create large sprawling buildings / castles, that have a maze-like dungeon-crawler feel to them, and starting using bit-strings to match tiles up. I really like the potential of this tool, and wanted to post a basic ‘How-To’ here.

It’s all done in one Blueprint, and I think is has the potential to create some quite interesting results: not just terrain, but buildings (as originally intended) and deco. Hope you find it useful / interesting:

Just did a small demo showing practical application for a small project I’m working on. The idea is to create an ant colony in side view a bit like the Vault view in Fallout: Shelter.

Hey I’m big into experimenting with procedural generation bps and found this thread on a search. I have a bunch of scripts with some cool tricks and I want to try out your tutorial and incorporate some of my scripts to see if I come up with something interesting. When I get around to it, I’ll totally leave another comment and maybe what I find will open up some doors for you as well! Thanks for posting this, hopefully I can get on Unreal after work today and see what I come up with.

Would like to see what you come up with when you finish.