Procedural level that generates fully scripted rooms

I just started learning BP and maybe this is a little too advanced, but I have to ask it since i really need it.

I would like to create a rogue-like level in which every time you start the game picks from a pool of fully scripted rooms (created beforehand with enemy spawns, events, lights and so on) and places them connected to one antoher and alternated by simple corridors.

I already made a starting point that’ll be the same every time.

I don’t even know where to start from and I don’t know if I explained what I mean in a decent way…
If anyone has time to waste I would really appreciate their help…

btw if needed I’ll explain better what I’m aiming for.

Totally understand what you’re saying, but you’ve got some ‘rocky terrain’ ahead. There are many ways of doing this, and I think everyone will go with something that works for them, in terms of final output / coding etc.

It really depends how much complexity you want. If it’s fairly straightforward, then each room could be a BP and you can just spawn and connect the BPs together. My favourite method is spawning the next room as you’re just leaving the current one. But you could have the spawning under some sort of central control also.

Best thing is to make a really basic version, then it will start to become obvious what can be improved, and you go from there.