Procedural Level Generation

Hello! I thought a great addition to the Unreal Engine 4 would be a feature in which someone can create randomly generated levels. Although possible in the current engine, it is very tedious and difficult to generate a detailed scene. A menu in which the user could assign the actor to use as the hallway, corner or intersection and whatnot would be useful. Also, assigning blueprints or meshes to randomly place throughout the scene would also be interesting. I really hope this is a good idea and I look forward to seeing what you guys have to say. Thanks!

There is a training stream by Ian Shadden that goes through this. The problem is that it would be extremely difficult to really add this to the engine in a way that wouldn’t lead to all UE4 games looking the same when everyone defaults to the core procedural systems for level generation. You hear complaints all the time about certain games from certain engines all looking alike, and the complaints would get worse with a standardized system in the engine.

Really though, the engine needs more attention to the procedural tools and systems that players would use to create procedural generation systems. Procedural access to world browser, procedural geometry, procedural music, procedural landscape during runtime, etc, etc. It would be great to see the next minecraft, no man’s sky, etc come from UE4 due to the availability of procedural tools.