Procedural Level Generation From Web data.

Hi, I’m going around a mix of ideas that needs better skills than mine. I’m not near to be a game developer, my background it’s closer to education and multimedia but I found Ue4 as a quite interesting tools to develop better learning methods. Some time ago I began to develop a concept to create a virtual academy called “Unreal Virtual University”, aka UVU. The purpose of this project is to give both educational resources and tools to create content. My first goal it’s to provide a place to communicate and share resources being our first field of learning Unreal itself, as a meta-concept where you learn unreal using unreal. Instead of going simple I mostly try to experiment with techniques way over my knowledge but some test are somehow interesting, many depends in the use of the experimental web plugin and some features of video textures. In that front I was able to play a process ingame a youtube video with chroma key as a mesh texture, even that texture could be processed with effects. In other case I was able to edit Google Drive files, write in this very forum and edit in wikipedia.
Other fields where I loose most of my time is in procedural mesh generation, photogrametry,augmented reality, midi… and I just work on it from time to time so not much advance to be honest. I really would like to focus in the main blocks, probably easier and more rewarding but less attracting to me. In that way I ask you today about a concept that I still don’t know if it’s possible and most likely how to approach it. Right now I think about use procedural generation using data provided by websites, somehow possible, but my wondering is how to use the web data itself. Let me explain it with an example. As much as wordpress, moodle it’s a web system with a easy structure, my goal it’s to use the web structure and the content as a frame to design game levels. In a brute force way it would to add as many buildings as web sections and populate those with rooms that hold the web pages, like wall paints to show pictures, whiteboards to present text, tv textures to play videos, etc… Some interaction it’s already achievable and the multiplayer development it’s quite popular, so it’s not crazy to use this “virtual 3d webs” to surf the internet, although in my casy it’s focused in education and here is my question. Could I “read” a web page created using moodle (wordpress, google sites…) and use that data along procedural techniques to create game levels automatically? Sure it will looks cool in runtime, but even in editor mode seems useful for a new kind of 3d experience.
I would like to know what you people think and even point me nice resources to learn how to achieve this task. I hope soon I’ll be able to share some videos and playable demos to explain better my project and the concepts behind it, not only because my English it’s poor, confusing and lacking of many technical words, but mostly because being a “meta-project” it’s hard to differentiate the purpose from the platform.

TL,DR: I’m working in a virtual academy concept using unreal engine and I want to learn how to use web data to generate mesh a multiplayer game. Any help or thoughts about it?