Procedural level generation and navmesh/pathfinding


I’m considering porting my game from Unity 4 to Unreal Engine 4, so I just subscribed to UE4 (still downloading) and I want to know if the engine supports runtime navmesh generation (recast) for procedural levels. The level generation of my game works similarly to Diablo or Torchlight 2.

I’m assuming that procedural level generation in UE4 is feasible unlike UDK, since I have way more control and speed with C++.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can build navmesh at runtime for procedurally generated levels. It can also rebuild a region when the level changes. We do this in Fortnite!

Yes! I can confirm that this is working as expected :smiley:

The question is only how to make objects to be dynamic obstacles. EG dev team promised to add this feature later.