Procedural leaning, final step? (Solved)

SOLVED: So much old information out there, found something super fresh! Just following this video in detail once it gets to the bone lean part and you’ll be golden! Character Animation in UE4 | Live Training | Unreal Engine Livestream - YouTube

I get a really nice lean in one direction. The 1 multiplier down beneath gives me a nice lean in the other direction. But I can’t find a way to smoothly move between them. I tried making them button dependant but that also means while turning it will switch between the leans (with A & D button), and it’s also very jarring.

The AnimGraph is just a Bone transforms using the Speed2 variable. Tranforming in Bone Space.

Also, I just realized, walking straight forward and backwards has a default lean now, which it shouldn’t.

Any help appreciated!