Procedural Landscape/PerlinNoise

So, I am trying to Generate my own Landscape using Procedural Generation, I already figured out how to generate the Mesh and adjust the Grid size, however, when ever I try to randomly generate the Z vertices, it crashes the project. Nothing is lost and I can reload it. Yet, when I remove the Perlin Noise 1D, it works fine, except that the landscape is flat. I am aware that there are items on the marketplace, but that doesn’t teach me anything. Please don’t refer me to the noise plugins. I am trying to learn how to use the built-in Perlin Noise blueprints.
(This is one of many questions to come. The ultimate goal is Procedural planet terrain generation for a survival/colonization game I want to work on. But for now just trying to experiment)

This is the layout that I was attempting to use, based on what I had learned from how Perlin Noise is suppose to work, just dont know what I am missing, or what needs to change.

Is the random generation of z-vertices done inherently by the Perlin Noise 1D node? If not, how is it doing a random generation? I don’t see it in the network.

Why isn’t there something plugged into normals? Perhaps a height map connected to the perlin noise node can be used or connected to another node can be used for the normals. Normals are the result of the xyz coordinates, so in a terrain a heightmap is needed for random terrain generation.

Also check this page for vector data operations which might apply to a procedurally generated terrain system:

Its crashing because your vertices array you created with the perlin noise isnt the same length as the one thats generated with the grid mesh, so youll need to iterate through your grid mesh vertices and add your perlin noise height adjustments to that then link it to the create mesh section.

Also, Perlin noise needs to have an input value for it to work, youll still need to put in some math there to get some decent results though because its a 1d generator… thats about the part Im stuck on atm with generating a custom procedural terrain is the converting that 1d perlin noise to something with 2 inputs for the x and y values