Procedural Landable Planets w/ all the bells and whistles

For users that are well seasoned in coding c++ / blueprints,…

It would be SO AMAZING if someone could create a landable planet asset with all the bells and whistles, and by landable planet asset, I mean something like that of No Man’s Sky type of planet… BUT…if the terrain and water could be more natural like earth and no so cartoony as NMS,… that would be cool… I know that its a big undertaking and resource intensive but… I believe ANYTHING can be done and created in Unreal Engine…

Unity has “procedural planets” but theyre NOT landable… I don’t care if the asset costed $100 or $1000, but i would pay if someone would just create that :slight_smile:

I can make it for you contact me on

I might have something for that :wink:

Hi there, sorry for the delay… seriously you do ?? @TitaniumAG

Any news on that request? That would be pretty nice to have.

I think he was talking about this:…net-generation

I am interested in the project whichever version you have even 1.0. I tried the github version and mostly got it to a plugin in but the editor version of the plugin I don’t know what to setup. I have a game that use landscape and the maps are way too big. So, I rather turn to some procedural planet generator.