Procedural Island


I’m working on a procedural island generation, inspired by the workflow of eon’s Vue.

I decided to re create an image generated in Vue (by Dax Pandhi)

My work so far:

Capture d’écran 2014-11-20 à 00.51.22.png

It consists of a landscape made from a perlin noise texture. Pebbles and Trees populated in the foliage tool.
The water is animated using the same perlin noise. The pebbles have a random color (in the material)

Now i’d like to make the following changes:
• move from landscape to a displacement material for the terrain
• populate the terrain (trees & pebbles) using BP
• have transparent water
• generate the trees in speedtree (the ones I use are from speedtree free demo pack)
• have a better pebble texture
• generate the master perlin texture in the material editor

My final objective is to make a simulation that would generate an island in one click.

Cool idea ! I hope you’ll succeed ^^ I’ll keep an eye when i’ll can to see. This is really interesting !

Seems to be a lot of fun with blueprints :slight_smile: Good work!