Procedural Imperfections?

Reality isn’t perfect, so our renders shouldn’t be either. If we want to simulate what a room *actually *looks like in reality, we need to add more to the scene than post-process effects, walls, and materials.

Looking at the floor of my office right now, I could say that the carpet is black. As clean as it is, there are still specks of dust, small clumps of dirt, and other imperfections. If I were to recreate this floor in UE4, my first thought would be to add a black carpet material and maybe factor some procedural imperfections on top of it. To match realism, I could add some camera effects to give it a better look. After building and rendering, I would have an idealistic version of what the floor might look like. Throw some shallow depth of field on it and call it a day, right? I don’t think that is good enough. It certainly isn’t precise enough.

Does anyone have a method for adding these little things? I’m talking about small clumps of dust, dirt in the corner, random rare bumps and extrusions on plaster walls, etc. I would be hesitant to add additional geometry - considering the things I’m referring to are less than a centimeter in size. Maybe some macro texturing with POM and normals?

Any ideas?

Texture painting perhaps? In all honesty though you’ll be hard pressed to get a fee that justifies this kind of detail. Most of the renders you see that go to that extreme are personal projects.

Decals would be perfect for this

You can use things like decals, or masks to be able to blend multiple tiled textures together. Vertex painting is also a way to create a mask that you can use to blend textures.

Very high frequency detail maps that only show at close range can be good idea too.

vertex painting can help for that!