Procedural House Designer

Hey guys, so about a year ago now I was working on a system that allowed for quick design of a simple house. I never really showed anyone or got any feedback on it so I thought I may as well post it hear to see what people think, what works and what doesn’t. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Some background is that the main reason I was working on this was to just improve my ability in blueprints and help speed up my workflow, I do know its very rough, but getting some ideas or suggestions from people may help me out even more.

The attached video is just for ease of use, but the best quality can be viewed on my portfolio

Hi there,
I am working on a similar project in my free time; in the beginning just for practice reasons but i like it and its both quite fun and frustrating (Ill add some pics after work) :slight_smile:
my city-project consits of two steps:

  1. a city builder (with random seeded envelopes, that spread on the map and grow)
  2. a procedural house designer, which can be implemented in the first one. (destruction of the first actors, replacing them with the buildings)
    Everything is done with blueprints, so the house designer runs due addition of different static mesh components (Walls Floors Stairs etc.) in one “House” actor.
    Do you use procedural meshes? How would you make the next step in “more LOD”?
    We can stay in touch if your interested.