Procedural Generation

I need to do a lot of procedural generation.
For example, generate a 10x10 grid of tiles, and randomly destroy a bunch, but make sure there’s always a path to the other side (requires pathfinding).
I’m a programmer, I know how to code this, but I’m not sure how this works with the unreal editor! (I did this in Unity using C#)

I would also like to use seeds for my generation (if replayed using the same seed, it will be the same).

Maybe someone can point me to some relevant tutorials?
Or, is possibly unreal engine is not the best solution for procedural content?
For example, a lot of its power is the unreal editor. But mine would always be empty (because the whole map is procedural)

This seems like a pretty reasonable thing to do in blueprint, I would say that Unreal Engine is a good solution. As for tutorials, I would suggest you start with your programming terminology in the documentation search and go from there.

The wiki has a pretty cool tutorial about procedural meshes. Maybe this could get you started?

UE4 can definitely handle it.

I have generated maps with 5000 instanced meshes with little appreciable lag.

I should also note that I have been able to do all this with no real coding ability so I know I am not using the absolute best methods of procedural generation. My meshes don’t yet have any strings attached though so we will see how it goes as I work on more features.