Procedural Generation Test

Hey mates !

I started this post to discipline myself. In the course of progress will, periodically spread that is ready, what are thoughts during this long and difficult path - path to generated everything without leveldesign :smile:

Any critique or suggestion is welcome.

Today i finished some asset for floor, next be some modular parts for generator in UE4, how its works and etc.

And yea, if u wanna watch some live from me - Twitch

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Wow it looks SO good!

VERY cool, hope to see this on the marketplace some day soon!

I think i share assets for free :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nice from you.
Could it be, that the uv layout is a bit off, for seamless “out of the box”?
I ask because it looks like using SG texture, and when it looks that way on a mesh on my side, seamless will not work?

What do u mean ? U mean seams ? So every model have UV, and they stuck together without seams :slight_smile:

Oh, thats very generous of you if you do, but if you decide to sell it I would gladly pay for it :slight_smile: Keep up the good work.

Click Edit Post, then under the text box should be “Go Advanced” and you should be able to edit the title of the thread.