Procedural Generation Multiple Overlap

Hey I have a procedural generated level for a coursework but it seems my level is spawning multiples on top/around each other, I think the level grid and tile size is the problem since reducing or increasing numbers makes it worse but it does not get better as in even at 0 it still has another overlap.

Link: (Screenshot - 7ede7f84df4ff69fa9055805b58574db - Gyazo) what it should look like.

Link: (Screenshot - edddb24dc52c0f06b0e1dd37a5abd5bf - Gyazo) the problem that happens.

Link: (Screenshot - 0a5477dbe69f9fa928593f1639ca69ff - Gyazo) blueprint.

wasnt this same thing posted just the other day. id say that you should start with correcting the rotation. other than that it seems odd that your trying to make them all overlap or at least thats how it looks.

I didnt get another responce so i had to repost, mm correcting the rotation>?, Ima try leaving only one level to see if that fixes the overlap multiply. edit on the way for answers.
Edit: OK so a partial fix was that removing the other procedural levels that would slowly build up and just leaving the last stage works however every play button pressed the level is spawned in maybe rotated ways i think thats what you meant?Next Edit: OK removing the rotation from the make transform did fix it. Thanks for your help dunno if im missing anything else do you think i should removing anything from the blue prints? Link: (Screenshot - c7108798d3bbf25053d77dbb507c1beb - Gyazo)