Procedural Generation is spawning only 1 Streaming Level

I am trying to generate an 8x8x8 Grid of Chunks, I thought this could work yet it only generates a single Chunk.
I have 3 Sub-Levels which Names are all in the “ChunkNames” Array yet according to the Message Output it tries to access “None”, somebody knows what could be causing it or where my Logic Issue is?

Not sure at first glance.
Does that random number node Mac pin include the max or exclude it?
if it includes it then you need to replace the Length node coming off your chunk names array, with a Last Index node

I just checked and it doesnt work, it actually makes it somehow even worse, I got 3 SubLevels and with the “Last Array” it only detects 2 for some reasons, yet with Lenght it detects all 3.

How is Chunk names initialized or defaulted?

actually some time passed and I found a workaround

I replaced “Create Instance” with “Load Level Instance”
Everything works fine now