Procedural Foliage Type - Spawn in the "black" of the mask

Hello bois!

I wasn’t sure where to put this post. This isn’t really blueprint specific, nor content creation. It’s here now, administrators may move this to the appropriate subforum.

Nuff said, let’s get to the actual post.

I recently saw the livestream from the UE team, and noticed the procedural foliage spawner, and I must say I fell in love immediately.
I’m aware that I can tell the foliage type, what landscape layer I wish the the type to spawn within.

Let’s quickly take a look at my landscape material:


As I made the landscape with World Machine, this is the way I decided to make the landscape material, as I’m using a slope mask from World Machine, to define where the textures should be placed. (We’re talking of two textures; Cliff and Grass).

Now, let’s say I have some rocks that I wish to place on ONLY the Grass material. Whenever I define this within the foliage type, the rocks are being placed on the Cliff material, like so:


Here’s my foliage type.


I’m aware that this happens because of the “Layer Sample” name within the landscape material:

I’m not sure how to change this.

Can I tell the foliage type to NOT spawn within the “white” of the mask, and only spawn in the “black”.
This is my mask:


I have the same question and I think it is BEYOND SHAMEFUL that there can be questions here for three YEARS that get NOTHING, Not even a guess, for your nice organized post from this so called ‘community’. I LAUGH at the word! ha ha ha. and you put so much work into your nice post too,. Unity people are great, too bad the tool isn’t. (Ever try importing a Terrain Map into Unity LOL :wink: ) AUTODESK People are SPECTACULARLY PHENOMENAL, they really help each other, that comes from confidence and refined character,… Having now been, exposed to, such a primitive tool as Unreal (compared to an evolved tool like 3D Studio / 3ds Max that I have worked in for 26 years,…) - I surely hope Autodesk really takes Interactive seriously and competes with Unreal, I would LOVE to have an alternative to this,… PURGATORY… . Waiting 3 YEARS and NOT ONE PERSON will even VENTURE A GUESS how to use a Grayscale MASK to grow trees in Foliage Simulator!! It is downright embarASSing!

 I would bet, that you can use any grayscale image, make sure it is in your content folder,. Then any place where you can pick images, try to find your grayscale. It has to be possible!! I bet it is really simple and that's why you never came back. I hope it is because I have never gotten any help here or at the 'question circus' where instead of answering questions, they tell you you are in the wrong category a few times then tell you to go ask at the forum... (Then at the Forum, they tell you to go ask at Unreal Questions LOL)

(NOW, 3 years later, someone will chime in below, but not to help, just to assuage their own insecurities by saying how I am wrong or my above assumption is off, in that way making themselves ‘feel’ superior, Human psychology is such a treat to be trapped on a dying planet with!)

You can invert a mask with a “one minus” node