Procedural Foliage Spawner - Mesh Variants possible?

Hey all,

I’m using the Procedural Foliage System and am wondering if there’s a way to use an array of meshes for each Foliage Type? In other words - when the initial instance is placed and then seeds other instances, is there a way to get it to choose the initial mesh from an array rather than the same Foliage Type each time?

I realize I could probably work around this by giving each mesh it’s own Foliage Type and reduce the initial seed density on each type so I get approximately the same coverage but with variance, but it would be easier to tell the system “here’s my variants of (say) Oak tree - pick randomly from this group when seeding”.

Failing this being possible - any suggestions for how to achieve the variance I’m looking for?

I need to bump this! Did you find a solution? I have been looking through documentation and haven’t found anything yet.

You can subclass the native foliage type, perhaps you can add that functionality there yourself? I have not looked into this or the potential performance implications. In reality, just stacking your mesh variants as their own meshes in the spawner should accomplish the same thing, no?