Procedural Foliage Placement Tool

Hi everyone,

The Procedural Foliage Placement Tool has just been released in the Marketplace!

You can buy it HERE

Full Description:

The Procedural Foliage Placement Tool lets you populate your scene with foliage in a matter of seconds. The tools allows for extensive configuration, including slope and height, obstacle avoidance, and 8 different spawning methods. Spawn 3 types of entities - meshes, instanced static meshes, and blueprint actor classes (any).

Spawning Methods:

  • Random Location - spawns foliage at random locations in the volume
  • Organic Clusters - spawns clusters of foliage, where each entity spawns near the previous entity with a random offset
  • **Clusters around actor **- spawns foliage around your specified actors
  • Along spline actors - spawns foliage along an actor’s spline component
  • Random patches - Spawns foliage in a uniform patch pattern inside the volume
  • Grid Distribution - spawns foliage in a strict grid distribution inside the volume
  • Spawn on Spawn Zones - spawns foliage only inside the specified Spawn Zones (volumes assigned by the dev)
  • Hierarchical Clusters - spawns foliage in a hierarchy. The foliage is categorized as High, Medium, and Low and each foliage type is assigned a category. The spawner spawns the High foliage, then the Medium foliage near the High and then the Low foliage near the Medium. Example - bushes spawn near trees, and ferns spawn near bushes

All methods above respect slope and height restrictions and have obstacle avoidance.


  • Advanced Landscape Auto Material - auto material that blends layers by height and slope. It also spawns foliage in all layers.
  • River Tool - Spline-based river tool.

Technical Details

Included Blueprints:

  • **Procedural Foliage Placement Tool **- main tool that allows you to spawn your foliage in your scene
  • Align Landscape - lets you flatten a specific area of your landscape quickly
  • River - Lets you carve out your landscape to create a river
  • Simple Path - Creates a path in your landscape
  • Translucent Water - creates a lake or ocean plane in your scene (Epic)
  • Spawn Zone - volume that specifies where to spawn your foliage based on the spawn method
  • No Spawn Zone - lets you exclude an area from any foliage spawning
  • Toggle Entity Types - lets you switch back and forth between individual actors in your scene and Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes
  • Changing Tree - sample actor blueprint that changes material color when the Player gets near
  • Show Widget - shows a generic message in the viewport (showcase)
  • Teleport - teleports Player to a specified location (showcase)
  • Actor Bounds - show the actor bounds easily
  • Height Helper - lets you visually check a specific height in your scene

Number of Blueprints: 16

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Documentation: Please go to my Youtube Channel for a detail tutorial of the tool.

Important/Additional Notes: You can reach out directly at with any questions or feedback. You can also post in the support thread or join our Discord.

Release 1.1

New features added:

  • Ignoring Mesh Collision
  • New Scale Settings
  • Physical Material Usage
  • Batch Spawning
  • Runtime Spawning

Take a look at the tutorial HERE to see how to use the new features!

Release 1.1.1

  • Two Scaling modes - Uniform and Independent
  • Added HISM Collision Settings
  • Added Random Rotation

Release 1.1.2

  • Reworked Spawn Method variables - now each method has its own section (no more table need for reference)
  • Added “Spawn at Center of Trace” option - allows for perfect alignment at a small cost
  • Added Percent chance to spawn to all foliage.

Release 1.1.3

  • Added Independent Slope range rotation
  • Added improved material for foliage that adds color variations

Release 1.1.4

  • Added a new Combined Spawn method - You can now spawn actors from the entire Actor list, instead of spawning from each Index separately! This should speed up spawning if you have lots of different meshes in your scene
  • Added a separate Spawn Method to the Hierarchical Clusters to allow for the High level foliage to use any spawn algorithm (before it was using the Random Location only)
  • Changed the default trace channel to Camera (from Visibility) - community members reported this was returning better results for Physical Materials
  • Added a Trace Channel options to the Trace Details struct, so you can easily switch to the best channel for your project
  • Added a new helper blueprint to allow for much better performance when spawning Hierarchical Cluster HISMs. You should now see no performance hitches when selecting the spawner in your level!
  • Added improvements to allow for foliage spawners to overlap in the scene
  • Improved HISM spawning - the tool now automatically spawns the same meshes into a single HISM actor, reducing the amount of separate actors in your scene
  • Added a new “Combine Actors” Blutility to the HISM actor allowing you to combine HISM actors of the same mesh into a single actor in your scene, further improving organization

Amazing! This will save me many hours of work on level design, thanks for creating this tool! =] Just bought it.

Really glad to hear it - thank you for your support! :slight_smile:

Super stuff! Thank You, Coqui Games, for your quality work!

Thank you @Thunder_Owl !

Hi everyone,

Update 1.1 is now live! please make sure you restart your Launcher and download the latest version of the tool!

New features added:

  • Ignoring Mesh Collision
  • New Scale Settings
  • Physical Material Usage
  • Batch Spawning
  • Runtime Spawning

Take a look at the tutorial HERE to see how to use the new features!

Mmmmm… Runtime spawning… Yammie… :slight_smile:

Can Runtime Despawn BP allow adding effects to remove the meshes or actors? Like adding particle effects, or flames, lasers, holographic effects and control how much time it takes for the despawn to happen so the meshes/actors to get deleted/fade away?

: D

At the moment, the version included is super simple. However, you should be able to do it with a bit of custom code by looping thru all instances and spawning the effect at their location :slight_smile:

Hi. I’ve purchased your tool and am working my way through the options. I’m a little confused by something and I’m not sure if it’s a bug or I’m missing something, but when I add more than one array element to the list of HISM’s or actors to spawn it will only spawn element 0 (zero)? The additional element never spawn even a single instance.

Hi John,

I already answered you on Discord, but wanted to answer here in case anyone else has the same question :).

As you can see in the image, there are ‘Actor Index’ and ‘HISM Index’ inputs above the buttons. You can change those indexes to spawn the corresponding entities.