Procedural Foliage has no collision when used with streaming level

Good afternoon fine folks of epic !

I have been slowly rebuilding my game over recent months, I am very happy with the number of improvements and new features that have made it into the engine since it was freed ! :slight_smile:

I decided to give the procedural foliage a bash and so far it works well and the performance hit with proper LOD is negligible.

[The Issue]
I was having trouble getting this down in writing so I made a short video to illustrate the issue that Iā€™m having.
Any advice tips,tricks or advice would be very much appreciated. I will also post on the forums just in case someone there has a solution.

As an additional note the landscape that streams in itself has collision.

Best Regards

Hey there folks !

I found a solution for my issue and it was as simple as turning off World Origin Rebasing :slight_smile:

Best Regards