Procedural Eye Shader - FREE! Download :)

Time ago, I created an eye shader to work with offline render like Renderman, Mental Ray and Arnold.

Now the unreal version is FREE for comercial use - Creative Commons CC0. Right now Real-Time render has been using for production short-films and visual effects, with this shader you can create a big variety of eye configuration very easy.


  • Cat eye effect.
  • FULL procedural, you can change the look of the eye in a few minutes (size of the iris, size of pupil, size of border eye and others).
  • Can create an eye with the color that you want.
  • Can apply texture to the iris, sclera and pupil, template is in the package.
  • Clean Geometry.
  • If you want, you can’t use texture and use only color for cartoon characters.

Link from Gumroad

Link from my personal web page:

Work for Unreal 4.15+

I hope you enjoy :), any comments are welcome.
Note:** It’s need to have activate the “Clear Coat Enable Second Normal” to work properly.

Awesome share! Will check them out when i get home tonight!

Thank you for this! Well done.

I had made my own eye shader and system in Unity 4 & 5 and gave it away for free to help others. We both do similar things from your pictures (I did not do the cat eye since it was really difficult to get working in Unity).
Good to see someone do this in UE4…and…save me time as well trying to recreate the shader in UE4.

Note: for any who want the Unity version similar to this it is free (I should remove the Donate button since nobody does. It was a fools hope of game funding. LOL).

  • The eye mesh is a half sphere
  • C# very well calibrated eye movement script (the eyes follow a ‘Target’ object which is moved by script to where the eyes need to ‘focus’)
  • C# Auto Pupil Dilation based upon nearby light sources
  • many other features…
    *Worst case is that there are very good textures that can easily be adapted to these eyes.

Link =>

I think a lot of the C# code would run fine in Visual Blueprints…just one of these things on the list to be converted. lol It just became a hot to do item.

Thanks again for this.

will this work with 4.14?

Thanks Olander.

Actually I am doing all of this to keep practicing in shader something that I like. I just use a code made for Offline Render and apply in realtime.

Probably I will translate de code to CG (Unity). However, Unity doesn’t have yet (I think) the Dual Normal Clear coat, that for me is key to get a nice result, when only use one mesh for the eye.

About the Cat eye, is a UV transform, you can see the formula in the shader in Unreal and translate this to unity. :slight_smile:

Unreal also have a great eye shader in the engine.

Regards :slight_smile:

Did you try to copy the folder?. I didn’t use some features that only work in 4.15, the Dual Normal Clear Coat come from 4.12.

Yes indeed UE4 now has a nice eye shader in the engine. In the Unity 5 version (Genesis Eyes) I chose to use a parallax style of shader so getting the cat eyes was really tough for just the pupils without stretching the sclera. I did get the glint and eye shine right though since it changes and moves with bright lights.

I like what you have done here. Well done indeed.

Thank you! (4.18)