Procedural Ecosystem - trees don't spawn

Hi, I’m having issues with Procedural Ecosystem. I either get "unable to spawn…not enough surface area etc… Or if I expand the are to spawn get nothing happen at all. Is there any known issue with world composition levels and procedural spawning? I have grass and flowers spawn fine, just can’t get it to work with trees.

When you say Procedural Ecosystem are you meaning the asset selling at Marketplace? If yes, you should take a look at the several videos the author has on its configuration and use. All pointers are given at the store.

The author has done some very good and helpful videos on top of creating a very beautiful asset. Unfortunately I have not found these to be of help with my particular issue, and one which I believe I’m not alone in experiencing in relation to the procedural foliage spawning in general. After many hours of new projects and trial and error I have narrowed this down to being some kind of issue with level location. At first I found that I couldn’t generate trees on any of my 29 levels, then with a new test project I couldn’t generate them on my second level. Then I discovered if I moved my first level location to anything other that 0,0 then it wouldn’t work on that either. Something seems to be hindering the spawner from working as soon as the level in question is no longer at location 0,0.

As a veteran on here and technical director I hope you may be able to ‘spawn’ an answer to my issue ;-). Nice cloudscapes btw, especially the night time one with the moon :slight_smile:

Thanks Jim for your words about Cloudscape Seasons!

I have used in the demo for that asset the procedural foliage spawning for trees, grass and flowers… even rocks. I used spawning blockers for the lake in the middle. I will check that same project and experiment with this location issue and I will tell you tomorrow! Good Night!

Hi Nilson, I believe I have made a step forward in narrowing the issue down. My original method was to a) create new levels, b) import a heightmap for each level c) move the level in the world composition editor to the x,y place I needed and align them all so that they are seamless.

If I import them as a tilemap then it all works no matter how much I move the tiles around. My original map has 29 levels that have been edited a lot, so it would be gutting to have to start again, so if you were to find a solution I would be very grateful. Somehow importing tilemap en-mass results in something different to manual imports each heightmap and aligning.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have checked this today and my findings are:

a) the spawner volume bottom must be placed exactly below the surface where you plan for the spawn to occur
b) supposing your landscape there are places above the most bottom part where you plan to have trees, then you need to adjust the scale of your volume to be lower of that if you plan to not have trees or higher than that if you also want to have trees there.

Usually env artists set a different spawner volume for different altitues because usually the flora differs

The error you described in the first post occurs with my finding at “a”, but supposing you already knew that, then everything points to your own discovery of the Procedural Foliage Volume not working as intended for the world composition made piece by piece, and as it is just still an experimental feature, you might want to report it as a bug and also explicit the steps of reproducing it, there is a new form for bug report atm.

Hi Nilson, thank you for having a look at this. I have started my game again, this time importing through the tile map importer rather than piece by piece and all is well. I’ll try to find the form and report it as a potential bug.

Hi, anybody trying use this asset from market in landscape Proxy? in landscape it’s work, but in landscape Proxy not work, how can i fix this? Thanks

You should ask to the author or in that product’s support thread.

I had the same problem, the landscape was surely large enough to support many trees, but the individual “tile size” in the procedural foliage spawner was too small, increasing the tile size fixed the issue

Just ran into this issue. It turns out that you cannot spawn or paint trees on a landscape if it’s rotated in the Z axis.

At 0° in the z the spawner works as expected:

At 1° you can see a grid effect that is clearly the source of the problem:

By 4° the spawner cannot find any locations to place trees:

If you add trees at 0° and then rotate the landscape the trees will stay at the correct location on the landscape. However, this did not work for a landscape that had a lot of manual edits added after the rotation. Seems like a risky workaround.

I hope this helps!

I can confirm it’s a reduntant problem in 4.24.3…not spawning if the landscape is at 180 z…back in 0 and spawning correctly…not a safe procedure…

same problem here