Procedural dynamic Automatic Landscape Material Set 1 Alpine edition

Status update

I am right now packaging all files up.

Fixed normal map repetition bug on snow sections


Final adjustments to configuration and testing with 8192x8192 landscape height maps


So when is this amazing work going to be avialable bro

I Juts submitted the zip file with the package to epic, I post when I have feedback.

Love the texture variation! Just what I need!

Omg, this is amazing!

Looks great but… the textures do seem to form rather noticeable (and in my opinion - unrealistic) horizontal bands in the videos, especially on the steep cliff faces? Is this because you are applying textures to defined heights? Is there a way to create a more wavy natural feel? More variance? Is it possible to paint areas of the landscape with small areas of different textures?
Otherwise would definitely buy. Good work.

You can at any time use the procedural material as a sub texture in a classic setup with splat textures 5. Painting Landscape Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation and so to say apply some hand editing on top of it where you like to have something different in a particular location. For example below buildings if you are adding human build structures to the landscape.

The “horizontal Bands” are an intentional Effect that you can just blend out in the instance of the materiel.

Good. Looks like a day one purchase for me!

What about shader complexity?

it is green only the translucent water is slower:


I am making progress on the second set for Deserts and Planet Mars like landscapes

I am making progress on the second set for Deserts and Planet Mars like landscapes:

been slooowly doing this myself for some time, glad to see I’m not alone in this venture. also even more glad to see the reception for it

the real challenge: procedurally making flow maps the way world machine does it (I have some early progress) :smiley:

now on Public Voting Trello Board, if you like this vote for it :slight_smile:

+1. Really excited about this

Procedurally making flow maps, is not that hard to do, making them in real-time in a materiel is tricky. Doing them based on the height map data “offline” in a tool or in code is not to complex. This is an image showing my solution to this. However making this functionality a part of the editor would most likely reacquire c++ plug-ins. So its not part of this package for the marketplace.

In most cases they would not add much more details to my system as you can see in the image on the top where most of the flow gets shown even without a flow map.


I think I mostly solved the flow and sedimentation in additional 40 instructions in the materiel for the desert pack see image.


oh nice

I don’t know what your math is like, but with only 40 extra instructions I’d guess you’re just finding ridges in the topology and coloring them?

I tried doing that at first. the heightmap itself comes out of WM with quite a lot of detail so at a first glance it seems like it’s enough. but if (like me) you’d want to make everything procedurally this isn’t enough. the thing about WM’s flowmaps is that the flow seems to go through the ridges and then more, and they even “invade” completely flat areas. if you just search for ridges and call it enough for a flowmap, then if you have a flat area the flowmap will only reach the borders of it. in short, it doesn’t really flow out of ridges.
take a look at my old thread and you’ll see the problem with flat areas quite clearly.

however I know that making extra complex calculations in the shader isn’t conventient for performance reasons.
so my approach is / will be to dynamically calculate the flow/depo/etc maps, separately, and only at editor time. the idea is to take the landscape’s heightmap from a top-down scenecapture that only captures depth, and add a postprocesschain to it that makes the calculations for flow/depo/etc and saves all of it into a rendertarget. and feed that rendertarget into the actual landscape material.
this runs all the time while in the editor, but when the game starts I disable the scenecapture after 1 frame of capturing. the result is realtime dynamic calculation of the flow/depo/etc even as you sculpt the landscape, but still only as expensive as one texture when ingame.

Hard to believe you got zero replies to that AnswerHUB question Chosker.
I really really want to see Procedural Landscapes in UE4, and not just procedural materials:

**A. In-editor tools i.e. Procedural Landscape Construction Scripts…
B. The holy grail of procedural: real-time dynamic terrain on a par with NMS.
After all, What’s the point of having the ability to create procedural cities if you can’t alter the landscapes???
But it seems it’ll only happen if long-term community projects / future marketplace packs succeed in delivering the goods!

Whenever I raise the topic with engine developers the ‘phone’ suddenly goes silent… Hello? Hello Epic? Are you there? :stuck_out_tongue: