Procedural Destruction, Rainbow Six Siege style

Hello Unreal Community,

I know that Rainbow Six Siege use a Ubisoft-made procedural destruction generation system (‘Realblast’) coupled with Havok FX.
I absolutely need to achieve the kind of destruction and will code what it takes to achieve it.

Let’s jump to the precise detail and analysis of Rainbow Six destructions:

~~ Reference pictures from Rainbow Six Siege ~~

This kind of wall is exactly what i’m going after. There’s a first layer of procedural destruction: a hole appears where you shoot, a bigger hole appear where you melee attack.
Leftside bullet hole, right side melee hole.

You can stack a fair amount of those damages

Until reaching the break point where a large part “Voronoi” style, breaks apart.

So far i’ve been playing with Physx Destruction and trying to build a simple wood door, but with the amount submesh involved it’s gonna become way too big and not scalable enough to go further with a level of detail enough to mimic a decent bullet hole shape.

I’m looking for any tips, advice, articles, even scholar papers in link with this kind of procedural behaviour.

Overall it looks like a sublayer of procedural dmg Cryengine style with a main layer of Voronoi on top of it.

I’m a general engineer, good enough programmer and quite solid in applied Math, i’ve no trouble getting my hands dirty with any underlying math and code complexity, bring it on :p.


I would love to know what this guy is doing, its so sexy:-

Do you see this stutter at every impact? :rolleyes:
I mean, it looks good but …

Haha yeah, it could be far worse though from what I have seen in other implementations.

Found this one too, pretty interesting:

Overall, all i’m finding is about destructions on quite large scale, for what i’m doing it’s way more controlled.

updated first post to be more precise on what i’m looking for.
Again i’ll do whatever it takes, and actively looking for scholar papers on the topic.
To be honest, that doesn’t seems complicated at all. :3

it’s impossible for small team

There is video (47 min) about procedural destructions, but you must have premium access to the GDC vault:


tells me that the game is not available.