Procedural Crosshairs - no textures.

As a side effect of my Split Screen shooter I’ve committed a crosshair system that is, well, I guess not bad.

All crosshairs I’ve found on the Marketplace are texture based, and when scaled they don’t look that good, also, there ain’t much configuration to them. So I figured, might as well try creating my own from scratch.
But, the problem was, textures didn’t cut it. You’d have to use different widgets for different crosshairs cause, when the spread increases the crosshair should get bigger. Well, not bigger, should expand. And that was a problem.
So, I decided not to use a single texture in the process of crosshair creation. The result is below.

Anyways, what I was thinking is to put that into the marketplace for a reasonable price. But, I’d love to ask first you guys, what crosshairs would you like to see, how configurable and how many for what price? If that works this will be the first thing I put on the Marketplace, thus I need some help with that.

For now 4 types so far. The spread is controlled by 1 (always the same) variable. Also, the minimum and maximum spread is controlled with a simple float lerp, so you can easily change those for both shotgun and sniper rifle.
I might even consider adding a spread Blueprint to synchronize the HUD crosshair scale and world spread for shooting.

If it gets rejected then I will release it for free.

Hi Z-enzyme, that is Sweet!

Loos great - I say put it on the Marketplace for like $20

Hi Z-enzyme,

Per video, the system looks really pretty and the animation gives it impact. I would urge you to add the spread Blueprint to synchronize the HUD crosshair scale and world spread. I’m thinking a *starting *price of > $15 would be fair and you can offer supplemental graphics packs priced at >$3-5 each. The system sounds modular from your description, could I use the 100+ Crosshairs with this system?

Problem is as it comes to crosshairs, I’m not using any textures, everything is material UV math based, so no idea how would you like to mix those two. The spread BP tho -already implemented and working, I think you could use it with your crossharis after some tweaks.

Test map is ready, almost all crosshairs are done.