Procedural creation of a skeletal mesh?

Hi there,

I am creating a fps game and all is going fine, but i want to enable a user(3d designer or so) to create 3d content for my game.
Now all is fine, i can import static meshes from .fbx format in my game, but i also want to be able to let the user create and import characters in my game.
Previously i used the procedural mesh component for static meshes, but now i need to create a skeletal mesh at runtime and having it fully functional.
Off course i can clone how the skeletal mesh component works, but then the easyness of a skeletal mesh is lost, and i cant easely bend the mesh according to player movement anymore.

So my question is: is there a way to procedurally create a skeletal mesh with bones and meshes and all at runtime?

I hope someone can help.


Anyone know this?