Procedural content: I can't independently control x+ and x- directions in the same construction scri

Hey everyone, I’m wondering if anyone can teach me how to fix the procedural problem I’m having within my construction blueprint - I’m right at the beginning of this particular blueprint education and out of curiosity I’m nagging to find out how I can procedurally extend the level wall I have, in the x+ and x- directions, independently.
Checkout the affixed screenshot:

Screenshot 2016-05-12 15.39.15.png

The original blueprint layout produced the effect in the positive x direction, but subsequent attempts at combining both directions and then controlling the wall extended either side simultaneously…

I was working on something like that recently: Dropbox - File Deleted

It is not finished project, I do not have time now to finish it and show to general public here. At first it was meant as tutorial/sample project but grew a bit big.
Anyway all solutions to your problem and problems you may have soon are there, not well commented but i keept descriptive functions and macro names.

For you esp part that is right in center of whole graph, ie those two nested for loops, that is part which does wall from x1 to x2, and from -y1 to y2.
Then i mess all with circular placement (its what i am stuck at now) but there is also module (macro) for bricks wall.

That whole script is quite advanced, but also modular. I have bit improved version, but its more messed up as i changed some functions and never cleaned code.

Ps if i am not mistaken there is also “baby” blueprint that creates hexagonal floor, that script would be exaclty what you want plus some offset every other line.