Procedural Content Generation: Multiplayer and saving a Proc gen layout


Soo, I mainly had a couple of questions about the PCG setup.

  • Will this work in a multiplayer scenario? I’m unsure how the replication of this works under the hood.

  • Is it possible if I like a layout that the PCG has created for me in the editor to be able to save that particular layout without it regenerating what I desired?

I am not sure if PCG is dynamic, as in it will work or can change during runtime. If it can do so, then it would be possible to alter it during multiplayer. Basically the server which is has the authority would need to validate all changes before they are replicated to the clients.

PCG is Deterministic, If you use the same seed values, you’ll get the same results.

What do you mean by Multiplayer scenario? Generating at Runtime?
It’s currently not fully supported, but they mentioned they have plans for it.

If that ever happens you would just have to replicate the Seed and any other Parameters that gets changed, since the generation would happen on Client side.

Thank you EliasWick and Extrone! I know… it sounds like an ignorant couple of questions, but thank you for the clarification.

Did anyone tried PCG with replication ?