Procedural Combobox as Blueprint Parameter

Hi there.

The Situation is as follows:
I created a RPG Item Editor and a Randomizer for the Item Stats, Prefix and Suffix use.
Now I can create a List of generated Item Names and store them inside my Content Folder (can be a txt, Sav or else)…

What I want now, is a GainItem Blueprint Node, that has a Combobox, filled with this Namelist, as Parameter.
I know, I can use Enums as Combobox. But those are not able to be changed, whenever the List changes.

Is it Possible, to get my Item list as Dropdown Parameter inside a BP Node? If yes, how?

Does anyone know?

Would be nice to get a Dropdown List of all Items on a TXT List, visible and selectable inside a Blueprint Node ^^"