Procedural City Plugin


Hi everyone!

Procedural City plugin allows you to generate any city using provided default building/road/intersection assets or provide your own. Create and assign percentages to city zones. Give any combination of buildings to each zone. Do all this with a single, easy to customize blueprint.

Marketplace: Procedural City in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace
Trailer: Procedural City - YouTube
Documentation: ProceduralCity Documentation - Google Docs


  • Customize everything within 1 blueprint
  • Generate any city using building/road/intersection assets
  • Use free default assets provided in the plugin, or bring your own assets to create your desired city
  • Create city zonings based on city area percentages, set any combinations of buildings per zone
  • Set your road assets, and assign 3 different types of intersections (Corner, 3 way, 4 way) to connect the roads
  • Watch your city buildings pop up one by one, as the city is generated asynchronously
  • Customize your city shape by setting road offsets and building distances to roads
  • Drag and drop the city generator blueprint into map, and perform all customization on one blueprint
  • Extend the C++ city generator within the plugin to change your city generation algorithm